Unscented Lip Butter

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Unscented is fragrance-free, perfect for those sensitive to strong scents. However, for our friends with keen noses, you might detect a subtle hint of rosemary. We use this organic, natural preservative to keep our products fresh and safe for your lips.

Our Lip Butters are not your everyday product, but they should be. You deserve transparency when it comes to what you put on your lips...I mean, it's your lips! Our butters feel like actual butter and glide right on silky smooth, helping your lips to feel hydrated and healthy. 

Our Lip Butters are crafted with 100% certified organic ingredients. This means we source ingredients born from the cleanest of origins: free of pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers. We use premium oils, butters and waxes that are minimally processed leaving all the good stuff for your skin!

How to use: Simply push your lip butter up from the bottom like a push up. If it pushes up too high, gently push it back into the tube with your hand or cap. 

♻️ We are ditched the plastic! Our tubes are compostable and recyclable. Simply wipe any remaining product out of your tube and toss it into your recycle or compost bin. 

🌞 Take your favorite Lip Butter or Lotion Stick with you where ever you go, but take care to not leave it in your hot car or in the blazing sun…it might melt! 


  • *Apricot kernel oil - hydrates + nourishes
  • *Meadowfoam seed oil - non greasy, seals in moisture and softens skin
  • *Cocoa butter - hydrates + holds in moisture
  • *White beeswax - seals in moisture + anti-inflammatory 
  • *Candelilla wax - emollient - softens + soothes 
  • *Shea butter - relieves dry skin 
  • *Castor seed oil - moisturizes
  • *Avocado oil - antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory + increases collagen production
  • *Rosemary extract - natural preservative
  • *Essential oils - natural scent
  • * = certified organic
  • Net Weight .3 oz
  • Made in small batches in USA